- Excavation

- Engineered Concrete Footings
- Engineered Concrete Walls
- Waterproofing (Lifetime Warranty)
- Backfill

- Stone Placement
- Standard Concrete Floor Slabs
- Engineered Slabs on Uncontrolled Fill

- Retaining Walls / Site Walls

- Miscellaneous

Skilled operators must be able to have total control over their machines in all conditions.  Some sites are more extreme than others.




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Although not too small, ECF1 sometimes needs to be able to work in tighter conditions and on hillsides that are difficult to get in and out of.

residential Excavation

- Site Set Up Consultation

- Architectural Consultation
- Engineering Consultation
- Value Engineering
- End Use Applications


Operators must be able to operate different types of machines as well as different sizes.  ECF1 has different sizes of skid steer loaders to accommodate the needs of the job.


ECF1 can tackle large and small excavation requirements.  A proper dig is critical to ensure that the home foundation goes in on budget and on time.  A few inches off the mark in either way can result in thousands of dollars of unnecessary expenses.  ECF1 pays special attention to this initial effort of excavation as it can be costly to mitigate.


​Large custom homes imbedded deep in the ground require larger machines to .  ECF1 has operators that can handle all machine types & sizes.

Skid Steers

Our services range greatly following the experiences of the owners/operators.  ECF1, LLC can assist in Pre-Construction Analysis as well as the actual work.

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