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In today's Residential Home Market, customers are increasingly selecting and requesting Engineered Concrete Foundations for their houses.  Whether it be a full basement or a concrete crawlspace, cast-in-place engineered concrete foundation construction is superior to granular cement block (CMU) construction or pre-fab tilt up walls.  The following categories, pictures, and commentary shall provide further understanding of this type of installation.

- Excavation

- Engineered Concrete Footings
- Engineered Concrete Walls
- Waterproofing (Lifetime Warranty)
- Backfill

- Stone Placement
- Standard Concrete Floor Slabs
- Engineered Slabs on Uncontrolled Fill

- Retaining Walls / Site Walls

- Miscellaneous



​ECF1 is experienced with site analysis and home set up procedures.  We can assist with existing land review on many levels from simple commentary to in depth foundation set up including valueengineering recommendations and final estimate.

ECF1 has a dedicated crew that installs all of our slabs.  We can place and finish simple floors as well as large pours with level changes and embedded slopes and / or weather lips to provide a multifunctional concrete floors and slabs.




After waterproofing is inspected your new foundation can be backfilled and graded.  The most important part of the grading process is to ensure that the foundation drain "tail pipes" are in tack and not crushed and remain open and in free flow for the life of the basement.

- Site Set Up Consultation

- Architectural Consultation
- Engineering Consultation
- Value Engineering
- End Use Applications

Our services range greatly following the experiences of the owners/operators.  ECF1, LLC can assist in Pre-Construction Analysis as well as the actual work.


Engineered Concrete Foundations are constructed with aluminum forms.  They contain a detailed embedded rebar grid then pumped full of ready mixed concrete.  After concrete sets, the forms are removed to reveal wall.

The most important part of the Engineered Concrete Foundation is the footing that it rests on.  We take extreme care to set up our footings so that the foundation wall goes in with precision.  ALL of ECF1 footings are constructed with minimum of (2) # 4 rebar continuous and often more.



All of ECF1 foundations are backed by an award winning waterproofing application.  All of our foundations and retaining walls come with a "Lifetime" waterproofing warranty.​





engineered concrete foundations

From the simple to the most complex custom homes, ECF1 has the resources and experience to excavate and prepare your job site for the new basement installation.

ECF1, LLC possesses the equipment and capabilities of a professional surveyor.  We can incorporate this technology, as required, in house, to locate or relocate project corners.  We can ensure that your project stays on schedule and on point. ​