Retaining Wall rebar grids are more detailed and intricate than regular house wall grids.  Here again these walls do not have the luxury of something connected at the top so engineers spec a tight grid.

Because of the tight spec on the RW wall grid, setting the panels becomes more cumbersome.  The connecting pieces that are used to space apart the wall panels sometimes conflict with the grid.

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Some retaining walls are smaller than others.  None the less, they all still require a concrete pump to place the concrete.  Agitation and consolidation of the concrete is important to the overall strength of the piece of work.

R/W walls (after concrete)

Our services range greatly following the experiences of the owners/operators.  ECF1, LLC can assist in Pre-Construction Analysis as well as the actual work.


House walls (before concrete)

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After the footing is stripped & cleaned, full height vertical rebar pieces are cut to length and tied on to the stubs coming out of the footing.  Horizontal pieces of rebar are then tied to spec and secured.

Retaining Walls can also be decorative and curved.  Sometimes the layout of the wall also provides strength.  A wall with corners and / or turns and / or is curved is usually stronger than a long straight wall.

R/W walls (BEFORE concrete)


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After the concrete is pumped, the wall braces are double checked and anchor bolts are placed in the wet concrete for the treated plates.  Workers run string lines down the walls to check for straightness.

House Walls (After concrete)

The forms for the walls are set around the existing grid of rebar.  Piece by piece the men follow the line of the house until they tie in with the other side.

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The wall is the culmination of all of the planning and design work.  When the wall goes up the wow factor occurs and you can really see the outline of the home.  ECF1 works with the builder/owner and all other rough / finish trades to provide turn key service ensuring that any penetrations and embedded components are in place correctly.

After the inspections have passed for the wall, concrete is delivered.  Here again the only way to get concrete in the wall is to pump.  99% of the walls can not be reached directly from a concrete truck.