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The typical foundation wall and retaining wall waterproofing application consists of substrate & footing prep, sprayed on membrane, a full height dimple board, and a rectangular drain channel outside dimple board.  The 1' tall rectangular drain channel has replaced the standard 4" round corrugated drain with 1' of stone coverage.  A lifetime warranty is included.

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One of the most, if not the most, important part of the waterproofing system, whether or not you use the rectangular drain or pipe and stone, is to preserve the drain line flow to daylight.  These lines run from the end of the waterproofing system, underground, to a point where gravity takes the water downhill (daylight).  Most common mistake is to allow these lines to be crushed during the remainder of the construction process causing a back up of ground water.

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Proper wall preparation is a key part of the waterproofing process.  The wall should be relatively dry or mechanically dried prior to the sprayed on application.  The wall ties must also be coated for rust prevention prior to the sprayed on application.

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- Excavation

- Engineered Concrete Footings
- Engineered Concrete Walls
- Waterproofing (Lifetime Warranty)
- Backfill

- Stone Placement
- Standard Concrete Floor Slabs
- Engineered Slabs on Uncontrolled Fill

- Retaining Walls / Site Walls

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The owners and selected employees of ECF1 have been exposed to site survey and home layout functions for more than 25 years.  In the old days we were required to understand how to layout homes by hand before moving up to the electronics.  This ensured that proper fundamentals were obtained first.

Our services range greatly following the experiences of the owners/operators.  ECF1, LLC can assist in Pre-Construction Analysis as well as the actual work.


residential waterproofing

- Site Set Up Consultation

- Architectural Consultation
- Engineering Consultation
- Value Engineering
- End Use Applications


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For years contractors have installed walls with waterproofing systems utilizing the conventional 4" socked pipe with stone coverage.  This method is still offered by ECF1 in situations where the rectangular channel is not the referenced product.