Our services range greatly following the experiences of the owners/operators.  ECF1, LLC can assist in Pre-Construction Analysis as well as the actual work.

At the site meeting, g​rade shots are recorded by hand on a simple 1 page drawing of the footprint of the home.  From there the home elevation can be established with input from the builder/owner.

plot plan


proposed elevation

All of ECF1, LLC footing & wall products are fully engineered by a NC licensed engineer whether the customer request it or not.  We firmly believe in value engineering where possible and can make suggestions based upon past experiences and proven designs.

- Excavation

- Engineered Concrete Footings
- Engineered Concrete Walls
- Waterproofing (Lifetime Warranty)
- Backfill

- Stone Placement
- Standard Concrete Floor Slabs
- Engineered Slabs on Uncontrolled Fill

- Retaining Walls / Site Walls

- Miscellaneous

ECF1, LLC offers free initial consultation and site analysis for all potential new and as well as existing customers.

The marriage between house and land is a unique endeavor in most all cases.  The building plot, elevation changes, and the water travel paths specific to that land have to be ascertained and considered when setting up the home.  The specific choice of home plan greatly impacts the degree of difficulty in which the above process is completed.  The owners and staff of ECF1, LLC have set up many homes and land over the years numbering in the thousands.

our Services

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We offer

grade shots

Site capture


If a plot plan is not available, ECF1 can set home elevation by capturing site information in person.  We will meet with builder/owner onsite and record grade shots on proposed house corners and offer tips and considerations.



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After all the data is collected we will proposed a couple of different ways the home could be set up and the pros and cons of each way.  Hopefully this results in a well set up home and basement foundation.

3-D drawings are integral to the estimate process.  They help by providing a visual for calculation the costs of the work but also give a nice visual representation to help the customer understand what they are getting for their money.

​A plot plan with property corners and topographical lines is a valuable resource when setting up a home on a specific property.​  Plot plans are a good start but always have a professional verify that information onsite.


- Site Set Up Consultation

- Architectural Consultation
- Engineering Consultation
- Value Engineering
- End Use Applications