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residential layout

The wall points are set on top of a finished footing after it has been stripped and cleaned.  Wall points are even more critical than footing points as the finished product will arise from this final layout.

Our services range greatly following the experiences of the owners/operators.  ECF1, LLC can assist in Pre-Construction Analysis as well as the actual work.

The owners and selected employees of ECF1 have been exposed to site survey and home layout functions for more than 25 years.  In the old days we were required to understand how to layout homes by hand before moving up to the electronics.  This ensured that proper fundamentals were obtained first.

footing points


total station

The footing points go in similar to the excavation points (not shown).  Here after the dig is completed the footing points are then re-located on flat ground.  After the nails are put in the ground then a taller pin and string is run to outline the house foundation.

ECF1 is not a licensed surveyor.  We use similar equipment to install, locate and relocate building and structure corners to avoid layout by hand.  Electronic point location is much faster with an accuracy level that can be achieved faster than by hand.

Wall points


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The Total Station is the survey tool of choice for ECF1.  This machine can locate points and measure distances horizontally and vertically.  The TS can locate horizontal distance up or down hill from the set up location.  Before the site is excavated you would not be tall enough to hold the tape measure level enough to accurately locate the house corner point.


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